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Code Together Brussels – July 2018

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Location BeCentral 10 Kantersteen

Let's code together this July!

We're back with our Code Together sessions. This one will start with a small word from the RubyBelgium team, then we'll have a live code about using APIs in a funny and useful way. After, it's all about you & your projects (in Ruby... or something else)!


We will be hosted at BeCentral, right above Central Station.


We'll order some pizza so please be sure to confirm your presence (we don't want you to starve, but we don't want leftovers either).

So please don't forget to say if you'd like to eat with us or not, by answering the quick question in the RSVP above. It really helps us to order the right amount.

Free for the association's members, or bring €5 to help with the catering expenses.


You can bring your ongoing project, or your questions, if you'd like some help with it. Even if you're a beginner who feel overwhelmed by all this tech, there will always be someone willing to help or mentor you through it.

We also have many projects ideas for the association, if you'd like to participate in one way or the other.

We follow a Code of Conduct ( for everything related to the Ruby Belgium organization, including this meetup.

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